Bexley in Film

On Tuesday 18th October there will be a special screening of archive films of Bexley, hosted by Lamorbey and Sidcup Local History Society, showing local events, street life and celebrations. This should be of interest to anyone local to the Borough. 
This project by FILM LONDON captures the story of our borough through film.
If anyone has home movies that are more than 10 years old the Film Archivist would be very grateful for them. The Film London Project will then digitise the film, giving the original owners a copy, and hold the originals in special conditions so that they are preserved for future generations.
The screening takes place at St Lawrences Community Hall, Main Road Sidcup and starts at 7.15pm. It is free to members of Lamorbey and Sidcup Local History Society and £3 for visitors who are very welcome to come. The car park on the opposite side of Main Road is free after 6pm.


All meetings are held in St Lawrence's Community Hall, Hamilton Road, Sidcup, starting at 7.15pm.

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